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lori gracie sydney jiu jitsu testimonial

After six months of training Gracie Jiu Jitsu it has enhanced all aspects of my other styles of Training: conditioning, strength training and core strength. It has changed my outlook on everything for the better!

Lori Cairns, 13 years experience Personal Trainer

paul gracie sydney jiu jitsu member

I found Bruno in 2007 which was the start of a transforming experience. Seven years later I’m 20kgs lighter and at 45yo, I’ve never been fitter. Training at Gracie Sydney has become a big part of my life and it’s truly addictive. I think that Gracie Sydney is the best gym, with second to none facilities, great training partners and the top coaches.

Paul, NSW Police Officer

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richie gracie sydney jiu jitsu member

I first started training at Gracie Sydney in 2004 under Bruno Panno and shortly after I begun to compete in Jiu Jitsu. It was this introduction that eventually led me into MMA and a huge part of why I made it to the UFC. Gracie Sydney is where I still train my Jiu Jitsu with some of the best practitioners in Australia and keeps me able to compete in the UFC.

Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik, Professional MMA Fighter- UFC Lightweight Division

gracie sydney jiu jitsu testimonial

Our daughter, Saige Soares, now 9 years of age joined Gracie Sydney’s BJJ Kids program at Alexandria in May 2014. From the moment we walked in, we realised that this place was different, there was a strong sense of community where not only was Saige made to feel welcome, but we as a family were embraced and now are proud to be part of the BJJ community. It’s a place where you feel at home, where everyone gets to know each other and supports you. It was also fantastic to see an academy that has provided a tailored BJJ program for children and teens. Ari and Owen, the Kids Instructors, are not only brilliant BJJ martial artists, they are more importantly great teachers, are passionate about what they do and manage to get the best out the children. Saige has thrived under their leadership and the results speak for themselves being a regular finalist in the under 9’s BJJ Tournaments around NSW. They say a picture says it all, I’ve attached 2 photos from June 2014. We recommend Gracie Humaita Alexandria to anyone wanting their children to learn self-defence in a disciplined, respectful, inclusive and fun environment.

Newton Soares, Business Manager, Moir Group
Anne Soares, Youth Worker, Project Youth

gracie sydney jiu jitsu member

I discovered BJJ when I was 34 years old and it has made a massive impact to my life.  I instantly fell in love with this sport.  Physically, I lost about 10 kgs of fat while putting on a lot of lean muscle.  There is a strong fitness side of BJJ however the big hook for me is the mental side of the game.  You could literally spend years learning the various positions both with and without the GI which means that there is always something new and exciting to learn.  I also enjoy we can have full contact sparing every time we train.

I have also found that you quickly form a strong bond with your training partners who are from all walks of life.  As we practice all the sweeps, holds, locks and chokes with the safety of the “tap” we quickly build a strong trust.

The team working at Gracie Sydney are professional and very experienced and I am still in awe at the awesome positions that I am shown every week.  I am now 40 and intend to train this sport for many years into the future.  My only regret is that I didn’t start this sport 20 years earlier.

Mark Milton, IT Consultant, Banking & Finance Industry

gracie sydney testimonial

One of the greatest life choices a parent can make for themselves, but more importantly for their children.

Gracie Sydney has given my children and I the most effective self defence techniques to be confident not only when it comes to self defence, but the academy gives students greater self esteem.

Shane Manning with sons Evan and Seth

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white belt abroad gracie sydney review

….but the whole experience and class was just really, really fun!
I had a great time, so thanks guys for a great class and making me feel so welcome 🙂

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big tv gracie sydney review

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Melissa Townsend – 5 star teaching 5 star people

Steve Smith – Gracie Humaita Oceania in Sydney is a close network of BJJ schools that are chock full of superb instructors. There’s a strong spirit of fun, friendship and community. If you’re looking for a great way to keep fit, defend yourself and have fun give it a try!

Fellipe Belisqui – I’m from Brisbane but I went to Sydney for a one day conference. Decided to look for a BJJ academy to train before catching my flight back home. Found Gracie Humaita on google and decided to stop by for a roll. Have to say that i’m highly impressed with the way I was received and the level of Jiu Jitsu they teach. Excellent instructors – took a class (6pm) with Marcos (main instructor of the night) and Owen supporting – Amazing class and training partners. Then because I still had time took a NOGI class with Alex (7pm) – Absolutely High Level NOGI class, so glad I had this extra time. I’m not from Sydney, but if I were, would train there for sure! Will be back for more for sure!

James Do Canto – Best bjj setup and instruction in sydney!!! Look no further.

Alex Carioti – Excellent facilities, great coaches. Really feel welcome here.

Ahmed Korayem – A pleasure to train for a week and I hope it was longer, great place, spirit and coaches. A place of Masters!

Liam Resnekov – The only place to train! Prof. Bruno (and his coaches) are trained by the legendary Royler Gracie and the Grandmaster Helio himself, you simply don’t get better than that. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. REAL Gracie Jiu Jitsu.