What is a Competition Legal Gi?

For anyone who competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, competition legal gear is essential. The IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) sets the standard for what is and isn’t competition legal. We summarized the particulars of the rules for you below. If you’re interested in getting competition legal kimonos we have some from premium distributors KINGZ and DO OR DIE Hyperfly in our Online Store HERE.

A quick run down of the Gi and No-Gi uniform rules with illustrations:

• Material must be a woven cotton or cotton like fabric. EVA or foam inside collars is permitted.
• Only white, royal blue and black gis are permitted. Pants and jacket as well as jacket collar must all match in uniform colour.
• Patches may only be present on certain spots on the gi. (see image below). They must be properly seamed on to the gi. No loose or half stitched patches. Patches not fitting these criteria will be removed.
• Belts must be 4-5cm wide with a black sleeve at the end or red sleeve for black belts. They must be able to wrap around the waist twice and tied in a double knot. Belt tails should hang down 20-30 cm from this knot.
• Gi jackets should reach the thigh. Sleeves can be no more than 5cm from the wrist when arms are stretched out straight ahead.
• Gi pants should be no more that 5cm above the ankle bone.
• Official measurements for gi: Gi lapel thickness (1.3 cm), width of gi collar (5 cm), opening of sleeve at full extension (7 cm) (see image below).
• Males can not wear a shirt or rashguard under their gi top. Females can if they chose to. Females can wear a sports bra and rashguard or just a sports bra.
• Pants can not be worn under the gi pants.
• Underwear must be worn. Only brief style is acceptable. No cups.
• Gis must be clean and dry, free of any rips, tears, or mends.

• Board shorts that are black with up to 50% of the belt rank colour on them. No pockets, metal or plastic. They must reach at least halfway down the thigh, no more than 15cm from the knee (see image below).
• Pants, shorts, or trunks of black elastic fabric may be worn under the shorts. Underwear must be worn. No cups.
• Rashguards must cover the shorts waist band, be black or white and show from 10-100% of the belt rank colour.
• Women may wear board shorts, lycra elastic shorts, or spats that are black with up to 50% of belt rank colour. No pockets, metal or plastic. They must reach at least halfway down the thigh, 15 cm from the knee.

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