Solo Jiu Jitsu Series

Gracie Humaita professor Jason Gulati created the awesome Solo Jiu Jitsu Series that we`ve been posting on our Instagram (@graciesydneyaus).

Following the series is a great way to improve your techniques by yourself!

Check out all the videos here:

End-of-year grading

It is that time of the year that we announce the members who will be grading and getting their new belt.

Our instructors have carefully looked at students performance, commitment, and attendance to the class.

Kids exam, grading and Xmas party will be on Saturday 24th of November, at 10am.

Adults exam will be on Saturday 8th of December, at 10am and grading on 10th of December, at 6pm. 

Find out if your name is on the list at Gracie Humaita Sydney gym.

Registrations must be done at the reception a day before the exam. See prices bellow:

Gracie Girls

The Gracie Girls last Saturday was a great success with an unexpected big turn up at Gracie Humaita Central Coast. 

Professor Tiago Ferreira spoiled the girls with a wonderful class showing Self- Defense techniques followed by an Open Mat and finishing with a barbecue feast cooked by him!

Anne Soares, the Gracie Girls official organizer said on the Gracie Girls Instagram page @graciegirlsaustralia: ” It was great to meet all the Girls from the Central Coast and even better to see that the numbers have grown significantly from last year. Today was special having purple, blue and white belts sharing the Mat and such a ranges of  ages. The future looks bright. Still on a high and feeling so blessed to have such a awesome association Gracie Humaita Australia committed to growing our epic female team”

Thanks for all the girls who made their way up to Central Coast! Without you the Gracie Girls wouldn’t be growing solid and strong.

Thanks Gracie Central Coast for hosting the event last weekend and thanks to all the Academies in the Association that hosted,supported and collaborate with the Program.

This year has been amazing for our girls. We started the Gracie Girls 2018 schedule with Master Royler Gracie hosting the first event at Gracie Sydney in Alexandria with a group of over 60 women and girls! And we are finishing with Australian UFC Champion Robert Whittaker hosting the Gracie Girls at Gracie Smeaton Grange on November the 10th!

Session starts at 1pm with with Self -Defence, drilling and Open Mat followed by a delicious brazilian BBQ prepared by @barbicrew. All belts and ages are welcome.

The event is exclusive to the Gracie Humaita Australia Members. If you would like more information about how to become a member please contact the branch near you.

We can’t wait to train and celebrate with all our sisters next month!


Four important tips for BJJ beginners

Prepare your body for training

No matter what anybody tells you, you need a certain basal level of strength and fitness to get the most out of jiu-jitsu. You do not play sports to get fit – you get fit to play sports. The fitter you are, the more relaxed you will be during the sparring segment of your classes and therefore the more your mind will be able to absorb. A good level of cardiovascular fitness will speed up your recovery between sparring matches and between training sessions themselves. Resistance training and the increased muscle hypertrophy and joint strength it brings will go a long way in the prevention of jiu-jitsu related injuries.

Leave your ego at the door

Your ego can be a great (if not the greatest) hindrance to your progress as a grappler. As a beginner you will tap often. Nobody likes to submit in front of the other students and spectators at their academy. Acknowledge that it is your ego that causes this discomfort and then do everything you can to overcome it. Accept the fact that you will be dominated and beaten regularly during the initial stages of your training and embrace it as part of the process. The time will come when you are the one causing the others to submit, but before then you will need to pay your dues. But remember that you should not be doing jiu-jitsu to learn to dominate people and prove that you are the toughest guy around. You should be doing it to learn about yourself.

Focus on the basics

When you begin training it may be overwhelming trying to memorize and incorporate all the techniques you are presented with into your game. There is something you must understand and that is that you do not need a thousand different moves to be good at jiu-jitsu. There are so many grapplers out there who can demonstrate hundreds and hundreds of techniques as well as the counters to them and even the re-counters to those. Most of these guys cannot put even a fraction of this technical knowledge into practice against a resisting and determined opponent. A technique only becomes a skill once you can use it successfully in a fight.

Work on the things you find difficult

After many years of training it will be more difficult to break bad habits and correct weakness you have developed. If you are intelligent, you will not allow these negative tendencies to take hold when you start training.

Overspecialization breeds weakness. If you are someone who loves to fight from the top and has no bottom game, sooner or later in class or competition you will meet someone who you cannot dominate from the top and your lack of ability on the bottom will cost you.

If something is difficult for you, make it your focus. For example, if you hate playing from the guard, make it your number one priority during training. Try to get your opponent into your guard whenever possible and work from there. If you are diligent and can accept that you will have your guard passed many times in the beginning (leave your ego at the door), soon your guard will become strong. This applies to all positions and techniques.

And if you still don`t train Jiu Jitsu start now by clicking here to book a free trial! 




No Gi Classes

IMG_5855No Gi class training and drilling hard. Well done guys!!

No Gi classes are on every Tuesday & Thursday night @ 07:00PM and Thursday morning @ 07:00AM with Professor Owen Gee. All levels Welcome!

10 reasons to ditch laziness and work harder on your Jiu-Jitsu

 Maybe you weren’t as dedicated as you should be, so we put together 10 reasons why you should put your act together and give the gentle art that special effort. The benefits will be overwhelmingly greater than the effort put.

Your opponent. ”He is my friend and biggest foe. If he didn’t exist, it wouldn’t be the same and maybe I wouldn’t train as much, always going to my limit,” said Rodolfo Vieira the other day about archrival Marcus Buchecha. If laziness knocks, remember your adversaries are out there practicing and correcting flaws in order to catch you by surprise next time. One great, unsettling reason to get your ass off that couch.

Your professor. If you chose your BJJ school wisely, your professor is not just there to take your money in exchange for classes. They do what they do for love, and few rewards can mean as much to them as your technical and personal evolution. Make your master proud; get moving.

Your body in the mirror. You remember how flaccid and feeble you were before you started training, don’t you? Wanna see that sad picture again? Didn’t think so.

The black belt. Yes, we do repeat over and over that thinking about belt color is not the best attitude for the smart Jiu-Jitsu practitioner to have. Haste and anxiety may lead to frustration, and squandering time thinking you are not headed anywhere may hack away at your mindset. So ignore what belt you wear today. But do think about the black belt. One day it will be yours, believe it. And then you will see the whole journey was worth it. Remember the lesson by Rorion Gracie, who said a BJJ black belt that’s honestly earned is worth more than any Harvard degree.

Your children. Training BJJ is not an individual, selfish activity. Soon you are going to be able to roll with your kids, have fun with them and give them health and vitality. Persist and have a perfect pastime to do together.

The unpredictable. We train Jiu-Jitsu in order to never have to use self-defense techniques, but imagine some maniac grabs your neck tomorrow and today you missed a class on that very move? Go practice and protect yourself.

The detail. Strive to drive away the torments of the drubbings and moves that have been causing you trouble. Focus on the detail, on little objectives: to not fall for that same old move, to keep your posture in the guard; to improve upon that guard pass, to not lose the mount.

Those that can’t train.While you sit there under the reins of tiredness, work and whatever else, there are people facing much tougher physical problems who wish they could move like you. Get your gi and find an hour in the day to get your Jiu-Jitsu on.

Your dreams. Persevering in BJJ can help you realize your most improbable dreams, from that elusive job to that woman you’ve got your eye on.

Nothing. Don’t give yourself a choice – just get your gi and go! Thank Jiu-Jitsu later for that indescribable post-practice feeling.

*Graciemag Article


Why training with your Instructor?

Us, Instructors from Gracie Humaita, believe that training with our students helps a lot in their development. By applying the right technique we feel if the positions shown during the classes are getting assimilated well by our members. Also, besides anything, we are Jiu Jitsu passionate and enjoy rolling on the mat besides anything.

So, if your Instructor ask you to train, dont be intimidate, remember that we are here to help and it is part of our job, take the best of it!!! Bellow you ‘ll see Professor Marcos Nevel rolling with one of our members.



Friday BJJ Flow Drill

Here’s our latest Flow Drill from Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)‘s Prof. Owen. These BJJ flow drills are designed so that both partners get to practice a movements and techniques that build good habits. From new white belts to seasoned Black Belts you can never get enough of drilling and even the simplest drills can build speed, sensitivity, and improved timing in overall movement and technique. This is a major reason why drilling is involved in some form in all of our classes.
Take a look! For more BJJ Flow Drills and technique videos follow us on Facebook and check out our Video Library.