3 Reasons Your Friends Should Try Jiu-Jitsu

Most of us students of Brazilian jiu-jitsu can not imagine our lives without going to the academy several times per week. At a social gathering some of your friends will ask how your jiu-jitsu is going and might express curiosity about what you do at the academy.

Many people are interested in trying a martial art or are looking for another fitness activity to get involved in, but they may be unsure what it is all about and how to get started. The best way for them to over come their inertia and inhibitions is to come along with their friend – YOU! and try a class or 2.

If you think they need a little convincing, here are 3 Reasons Your Friends Should Try Jiu-Jitsu:

1) See your friends more often

For most of us who are busy with work, family, and all of our other obligations, we don’t see our close friends as often as we would like. A bbq once or twice each summer and maybe a birthday party, but most of time we struggle to socialize with some of our favorite people.

If our friends are training at the jiu-jitsu academy a few times each week, it is FAR easier to stay in contact and keep the friendship strong. Due to the nature of close contact and cooperation of jiu-jitsu training, many friendships are made and strengthened in the academy.

There is no complicated arranging of schedules to meet – “I’m training Mon/Wed/Fri this week, see you there!”


2) Hang out with your friends while getting fit

Instead of meeting in a bar for happy hour, deep fried foods and alcoholic beverages to socialize, how about a fitness oriented activity?

It is far easier to adhere to a healthy lifestyle when you are surrounded by people who also eat healthy and who avoid self destructive behaviors like smoking and excessive drinking. Trying to quit smoking, drinking and get more active in your lifestyle?

You are also more likely to stay regular with your training if you know your friends will be expecting you at the academy. If you centre your socializing around a fitness activity like jiu-jitsu, you are “killing two birds with one stone” by working out and seeing your friends at the same time.


3) Making new friends and REAL face time

With most people owning a smart phone and connected to social media 24 / 7, we are starting to lose actually interacting with friend sin real life!

Consider for a moment how many of your friends that your primary interaction with them is to “like” a Facebook post or Instagram photo of theirs. While social media and online communication does make it easier to stay in touch with our social circle, it is not the same as REAL “face time” with our friends.

Many of us feel a little guilty about the amount of time we spend online and know instinctively that we should see our friends in person more often. Outside of work our opportunities to meet new people can be limited.

The jiu-jitsu academy is a great place to meet some new friends are the positive “can do” types of personalities that we want more of in our lives.

In addition to learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones, getting fit around a group of positive people is a great reason to invite your friends to come visit your academy and try a jiu-jitsu class.

So… Bring your friend to train and lets share the happiness of what Jiu Jitsu can bring to us!


Great Performance at the Central Coast BJJ Event

Once again our Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Australian Team did great at the competition on the last weekend, winning 1st Place on the Overall Gym Result.

The highlight of the event was our long time member and Gracie Humaita Bankstown coach, Sami Baki, who won his 4 fights by submission, check what Sami said after the event:

“I’ve had a lot of highs and lows in recent times and continue to stay head strong insisting on being better everyday…. yesterday was no different where I was fortunate enough to Win the Central Coast Brown Belt Invitational with 4 submission victories from 4 matches.
Huge thank you to Alex and Tiago for a great event.
To my team at Gracie Humaitá, coaches, training partners and family thank you for the support on and off the mat.
Winning and losing is easier with great people around you.”

Well done all Gracie Competitors, instructors and coaches, We are Proud of You!

IMG_4972 IMG_4973



Once more it was proven the efficiency of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the UFC 216!

What our Grand Master Helio Gracie developed to the world works in all levels. Yesterday, during the UFC 216, four out of the five main event fights was finished by submission, Fabricio Werdum, Demetrious Johnson (one of the best submissions ever), Tony Ferguson and Mara Borella, were responsible for the awesome display of Gracie Jiu Jitsu technique. It shows how important is a professional MMA fighter to have a strong ground game.

Check the video bellow and get pumped for the awesome week of training:



12 Tips to Better Hygiene when Training BJJ

Maintaining a clean gym is a big responsibility that goes much further than just cleaning the mats everyday.  There are also things that each one of us can do to maintain a clean, healthy training atmosphere.  If we follow some simple precautionary steps then we can enjoy even more this amazing martial art!

1)  Wash Your Gi
Simple!  Just come to class with a fresh laundered uniform and belt.  Some try and get by with just spraying an odor neutralizer, but this is not suffice.  You need to wash and dry your gi thoroughly.

2)  Wash Knee Braces or Joint Supports
If you use some type of brace or wrap make sure it is properly washed before each practice

3)  Using a Clean Gym Bag
This is one that is often overlooked.  Make sure that whatever you use to transport your uniform back and forth is also clean.  If you bring your dirty, sweaty gi home in a gym bag, wash it then put it back in to the same gym bag then it will pick up bacteria and such from the bag.  Because of this I roll my gi up and tie it together with either my belt of the sleeves from the top of my gi (see picture).  You can also get a gym bag that can be washed along with your uniform each time.

4)  Remove Jewelry
Earring, necklaces, rings, etc. need to be removed before training.  They have the ability to hurt both you and your training partners.

5)  Use Footwear when Using the Toilets
Another one that is often overlooked.  When you leave the mat to use the restroom, make sure that you use some sort of footwear.

6) Trim Finger and Toe Nails
Before coming to class always make sure your finger and toe nails are short and trimmed.  This is for both men and women.  Long nails are like razors when training and can cut you and you and your training partner.

7)  Wear Deodorant
Yes, nobody wants a stinky training partner.  Make sure you are clean and free of body odor.

8)  Take a Shower Immediately After Class
Taking a shower immediately following class lessens your chances of picking up a skin irritation or infection.

9)  Tie your Hair Back
If you have long hair make sure to tie it back so that does not get into you or your partners way.

10) Cover all Cuts
If you have any cuts or scratches make sure that you properly cover them so they are not exposed.  If you are unsure how to do this, ask your instructor!

11)  Brush your Teeth
It is no fun when you are doing positions in close proximity for an hour with someone who has bad breath.

12)  Don’t Train when Sick
We are all dedicated to train everyday and improve our games with maximum efficacy, but if you are sick or coming down with something, take the day off.  Training hard will lower your immune system thus delaying your recovery.  It also exposes everyone to your illness thus putting your teammates at risk of also getting sick.

Following these simple steps will help us to keep our status of the most clean Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in Australia.




Labour Day – Gracie Humaita HQ will be closed

Hi Everyone,

Next Monday, the 2nd of October, is Labour Day and we will be closed. If you want, you can have an extra session at Gracie Parramata at 12pm or Gracie Smeaton Grange at 10am.

We will reopen with regular hours on Tuesday the 3rd . We hope everyone enjoy the long weekend and come back to the mats refreshed and ready to go!




grading pic1

Awesome Grading Day Last Night

Yesterday we had a great night at the Gracie Humaita Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). We had 21 students graduating to blue and purple belt.

Well done everyone and good luck on your new belt!

Check some photos bellow:


FullSizeRender (003) Grading 3 grading 4