Our Student Khava Black Talked to Daily Telegraph

Gracie Humaita Alexandria student, Khava Black, gave a great interview to Daily Telegraph talking about his experiences and how Jiu Jitsu changed his life, making him a better person. Khava is a member of our Gracie Kids Program since the beginning and now works as Assistant Coach at Gracie Kids and Gracie Teens Programs in Alexandria.

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Royler Gracie Seminar 2017

Master Royler Gracie, Black and Red Belt and Head Coach of Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is coming to Australia for a seminar tour. Make sure you save your spot!

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Kids Grading at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Alexandria

During the weekend we had over 50 kids graduating at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Alexandria. It was great to see that our legendary Kids Program is delivering awesome results and all our students did really well during the exam.

Congratulations to all new graduates, coaches and instructors!

Also, a big thanks to the parents for bringing the kids to the classes and for the trust in our work.



Failure is Part of Success

In the minds of most people, including people who have never even tried a martial art, training in the martial arts represents a method for the development of the character.

Guilherme Goraib, Gracie Humaita Competitor, said the following :
“I have lost so many fights that I have learned how to win.”

He is nowadays one of the most successful jiu jitsu competitors from our team, including World Championship.

This has proven true for countless people from different walks of life who.have had their lives improved by jiu-jitsu.
Along with teaching the values of mutual respect, discipline, cooperation, jiu-jitsu can also teach us how to deal with failure.

One of the short comings of many motivational quotes is that they are high on inspiration but low on the specifics about how this is actually achieved.

Let’s take a closer look at one specific way that training jiu-jitsu helps the individual in their lives outside of the academy. Overcoming failure.

Many martial artists say that the jiu-jitsu black belt is the hardest black belt to earn in all of the martial arts.

If we look at our ability to overcome discouragement as a type of “mental muscle”, we understand how training jiu-jitsu strengthens the mind and character. When confronted with an obstacle, we can concede defeat and accept the failure. Or…we can draw a deep breath, examine the situation, learn what went wrong and adjust our strategy. Each time we do this, we strengthen that mental muscle.

The truth of not only training jiu-jitsu but in life in general, is that we deal with failure more often than quick successes.How often do you attempt a sweep or submission (that you expected to work!) only to have your training partner shut you down completely? The answer of course is in the thousands!

The jiu-jitsu mind is not to accept the failure and give up. It is for the mind to quickly look for another different solution. Instead of lingering and lamenting the failure, you leave that behind and look for the next best solution.

Your ability to adopt this mindset of :
A) Not becoming discouraged by failures
B) Learning from what went wrong and making a correction to your efforts
will be essential to your success on and off the jiu-jitsu mat.

In this way, your problem solving mind and resilience against failure are strengthened in jiu-jitsu training.



The Gracie Cup of Surfing at Maroubra Beach

On this Saturday Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) will be supporting North Maroubra Surf Riders (NMSR) at Maroubra Beach.

All members are welcome to compete and participate on this event, it starts at 7am and goes to the afternoon.

Lets get your surfboards off the rack, wax them and have fun on this awesome day.

Count on your presence and see you at Maroubra North End.



Roger Gracie Wins Super Fight Against Marcus Buchecha

Entering the Gracie Pro mat in Rio de Janeiro for a rematch with Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida years after their first clash in Metamoris, Gracie showed why he’s considered the best grappler in jiu-jitsu history.

Gracie and “Buchecha”, the only men who won the IBJJF world championship a record 10 times as black belts, showed a lot of respect early in the match. “Buchecha” went for a pair or takedowns, but Gracie successfully stopped them.

Gracie changed his strategy after both fighters were given penalties, pulling for a half guard and immediately sweeping “Buchecha” and taking his back. The crowd erupted as Gracie went for a lapel choke, forcing his opponent to tap at the 6:52 mark.

Right after the win, Gracie announced his retirement from the sport. He leaves jiu-jitsu without a single submission defeat in his record.

Congratulations Roger and thanks for representing the Gracie Family so well and keep the legacy alive!

Check bellow the best moments of the fight:


Rob Whittaker Wins the UFC Middleweight Belt

Gracie Humaita Australia is proud in announce that our team member Robert Whittaker is the new UFC Middleweight Interim Champion. Rob won the title Belt at UFC 213, defeating the great fighter Yoel Romero. After fighting for 5 rounds, round showed amazing grappling and striking skills and won by unanimous judge decision.

Huge congratulations to Rob, for the amazing achievement, his trainers Alex Prates, Fabricio Itte and Henry Perez, and also to all training partners and supporters, GREAT TEAM WORK!

We are all pumped to see the belt at the gym, stay tuned and we will keep you informed about when Rob arrives from America and after relaxing from this hard fight.



Rickson Gracie Promoted to Red Belt

Rickson Gracie, legendary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) fighter has been promoted to red belt by his brothers and other high-ranking members of the jiu-jitsu community.

The surprise promotion was held while Rickson was giving a seminar in Las Vegas.

Rickson’s older brother Rorion was the one to orchestrate the promotion, accompanied by younger brother Royler Gracie, leader of Gracie Humaita International.

Gracie Humaita Australia would like to congratulate now Grand Master Rickson Gracie for this awesome achievement.