Hurt yourself? Get to know the ideal menu for the injured BJJ practitioner

Nothing is more predictable in a fighter’s life than occasionally feeling that ol’ muscular discomfort. But pain really can be weakness leaving your body.

Anyway, one can never be too careful in handling injuries. A few years ago, Graciemag printed a useful article to help the injured fighter get right back to training with the aid of a cleverly selected menu.

“Do you know why your muscles pulsate after a fight or an intense training session?” we asked. “Forget about myths like lactic acid or insufficient weightlifting. The discomfort is normal, and it’s part of a natural process of inflammation of the human body — a response to excessive physical exercise.” The article then went on to advise the reader not to react by going to the drug store, but to the nearest supermarket instead.

The secret of the great champions, in fact, is adopting a menu rich in foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Step one: cutting out anything that holds back your recovery.

Nowadays science agrees with the Gracie Diet in saying a healthy organism must avoid acidity as much as possible, meaning one must phase out sodas, food dyes, candy, flours, fried food, plus butter and other fats. Once these enemies are gone from your fridge, it’s time to stock up on allies.

Some of the chief natural anti-inflammatories are: algae, cod liver oil, ginger root, garlic, salmon, tuna and onions. Also useful: almonds, cod, avocado, Brazil nuts, carrots, pumpkin, grapes, black beans and soy.

5 Reasons Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu (That Aren’t For Self Defense)


1. It teaches you to love your body for what it can do rather than for what it looks like.

Both genders deal with the frustration of not having the “perfect” body, but the numbers are clear that women are much more likely to suffer from an eating disorder than men are in their lifetime.

Blame it on the media, society, whatever you’d like, but it’s clear that many women live their lives focusing on how small their waist is or how big their bust is or how their body doesn’t look like that body.

Jiu jitsu erases a lot of those insecurities by showing you all the awesome things your body can do. Do you have any idea how cool it is to choke someone out with the help of the thunder thighs you once hated? Do you know what it feels like to find out that you have ridiculously flexible shoulders that make you virtually un-kimura-able?

Jiu jitsu will show you, and it’s a lot more satisfying than any number that could show up on the scale. As an added bonus, all that exercise will get you closer to the hot bod you’ve always wanted, but by the time you make it there, you’ll be way more invested in your abilities than your appearance.

2. You don’t need to be big and strong to be good at it.

Yes, there are lots of women who are stronger, heavier, or taller than lots of men, but the vast majority of us are not. It can be really intimidating to walk into a martial arts gym and see really fit dudes beating the crap out of each other, but jiu-jitsu allows anyone to beat the crap out of anyone else. Isn’t that beautiful?

A lot of my non-BJJ friends think I’m lying when I tell them that I, a girl who is 5’2” on a tall day, can submit people who are literally twice my weight, but jiu-jitsu is all about technique overcoming brute strength. You don’t need to be a former championship wrestler or a beefed-up weightlifter to dominate your opponent. While that’s certainly good from a self-defense viewpoint, it’s also great for those of us who have lived our lives thinking that only large, muscly dudes can be successful in contact sports.

3. The sisterhood is like no other.

The people you train with in jiu jitsu are bound to become your non-biological family. It’s hard not to become close with someone when you’re sweating all over each other and place your safety in each other’s hands.

College sororities ain’t got nothin’ on the sisterly bonds that form on the mat.

Because there are so few women in jiu-jitsu, the closeness that forms between jiujiteiras is even stronger than most friendships that are created in the gym. It’s rare to find women who are into what is unarguably a very masculine sport, and there’s something about the struggles of being female in a sea of testosterone that tends to bring women together.

It’s not just the ladies in your own gym that will grow to be your sisters, either. You’ll form an instant connection with female BJJ practitioners from other gyms and even the ones you compete against in tournaments.

Women in jiu-jitsu don’t tear each other down, they lift each other up – sometimes literally, if they can get the leverage just right.

4. It smashes ideas about what a woman “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

I’m not the type who burns bras (those things are expensive), but my blood pressure does go up a little every time I hear someone restrict an activity or behavior to a specific gender.

It blows my freaking mind that in the year 2016, women all across the globe are still being told either by the law or by society that regardless of their physical capabilities, they can’t or shouldn’t do certain activities that are traditionally “masculine.”

Jiu-jitsu is a giant middle finger to every time someone has scolded you for being unladylike or tried to put you in your “place” as a woman.

On the mats, everyone is equal; there is no gender. You will get your butt handed to you just as much as the men do, and you’ll also dish out a fair bit of butt-handing yourself.

As an added bonus, most of the men I’ve been lucky enough to meet in jiu-jitsu are also all about gender equality. Some of the newer guys might be weird about rolling with women, but those who have been around for a while will generally be good about treating you just as they would treat a man your size.

Whether or not you actively label yourself a feminist, gender equality should be something that we work towards all over the world. And luckily, jiu-jitsu is something that is practiced all over the world.

5. It makes you a positive role model for younger girls.

Throughout her childhood, a little girl will encounter all kinds of women that she will potentially look up to. When you’re a woman who does jiu-jitsu, you’re providing her with a role model who practices healthy habits, is disciplined, and can handle herself.

Jiu jitsu comes with plenty of benefits, and when you have a daughter, a niece, or any other young lady who wants to be you when she grows up, you pass on a lot of those benefits to her just by showing her what you do. You can give that little girl a head start on loving herself and making friends who genuinely care about her well-being.

Who knows? You might even convince her to get an early start on training!

While all of these are also great reasons for men to train BJJ as well, I know first-hand how intimidating it can be as a girl to take your first jiu-jitsu class surrounded by a bunch of tough dudes.

If you’re a woman facing the same situation, don’t back out due to fear. Jiu-jitsu has made me a better human being since I started, but more specifically, it’s made me more capable of facing the challenges that women are subjected to on a daily basis.

Whether you’re motivated by self defense or something completely different, it’s never a bad idea to put on that gi and take your first steps on an unforgettable journey.

BJJ Seminar 2018 – Master Sergio Penha

Awesome Seminar with 8th Degree Red and White Coral Belt Master Sergio Penha.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and techniques, we are very honor to have a true legend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in our academy.

We thank you immensely for the presence and participation of all throughout this day.

8th Degree Red and White Belt Sergio Penha Doing Seminars Across Sydney

Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Sergio Penha is in Australia for the first time and shared his years of knowledge with the students at Gracie Central Coast yesterday. 

Sergio Penha is one of the very few 8th-degree red and white coral belts in the world- A rank that can only be obtained after having a black belt for more than thirty eight  years! 

Penha is famous for going straight from purple to black belt and giving Rickson Gracie one the most difficult matches of his career. Penha has also taught countless mixed martial arts fighters including, Kazushi Sakuraba, Stephan Bonnar and Frank Mir. 

Simply being in the presence of Penha it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded in the jiu-jitsu world. Penha holds a wealth of information and this was on full display during his seminar at Gracie Central Coast. 

Penha comes from the ‘old school’ style of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the techniques he showed were simple to follow yet highly effective. This means that no matter your ability level, you will be able to effectively implement the techniques shown by Penha into your game. As is the case with all techniques, the devil is in the detail, Penha effectively conveyed this to all the students in attendance. 

One of the great things about learning from legends such as Penha is not only the techniques shown, but the philosophy and hard work that underpins it all. Penha spoke of the discipline that it took to get to the level he is today, often spending nine hours a day on the mat. For Penha, his love of jiu-jitsu he admitted is obsessive.

Penha will be in Sydney for another week and doing seminars all around the city. We highly recommend you to attend and learn from a true legend of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. You are guaranteed to learn something that you can implement into your own game.

Next Seminar: Gracie Humaita Sydney

Date: 31/03

Time: 10am

Address: 3/576 Botany Road, Alexandria



Self Defence and Instructors Course With Master Royler Gracie

We had the last 10 days a presence of our Master and Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) leader, Royler Gracie, ministering the Self Defence Course. 

Aiming in keeping our instructors with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques philosophy and teaching skills,  all instructor or future instructor of the Gracie Academy must complete this course with excellence.

Congratulations to all participants!


1st Birthday – Gracie Girls Australia

Spectacular turn out today with over 60 Gracie Humaita Girls celebrating our 1st birthday with Master Royler Gracie. There were many learns, laughs and this experience is one we will never forget. We are fortunate to have such strong leaders in our organisation and this was the perfect start to the Gracie Girls Australia 2018 series.



Awesome Grading Night!

Today we had a great night at the Gracie Humaita Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). 29 students graduating to Blue, Purple, Brown and Black belt. Yes, huge congratulations to Joel Costello who after 14 years of training was awarded a Black Belt from Professor Bruno Panno and Master Royler Gracie.
Congratulations everyone for the awesome effort! And remember:

A Black Belt is a White Belt Who Never Quit.

First Belt Exam 2018 – FINAL LIST

Gracie Humaitá Sydney is pleased in announce our first Grading List for 2018:

Date: 03rd of March 

Time: 10:30am

Location: 3/576 Botany Road – Alexandria


Blue belt: $80

Purple: $100

Brown Belt: $150

Every approved students will receive a belt and an Official Gracie Humaita Certificate