2015 WORLDS watching party and NEW MATS

Come watch the IBJJF WORLDS LIVE with us and lend a hand moving in our nice new MATS! We will be at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) this Saturday beginning at 9am. Our own Mary MOO Wildner is ready to go and has her first match at 9:25am. We’ll have the stream on the big screen and some food so come by to support and enjoy! All of the male and female blue and purple belt division are going that day on the 10 mats laid down for the competition in LA so there’s plenty for us to watch.


Mary Wildner training at Gracie Humaita South Bay San Diego with Leticia Ribero and Bia Mesquita.



Charity Seminar Big Success and Help!

This weekend Gracie Chatswood hosted a charity seminar with Prof. Liam Resnekov, Marcos Nevel, Alex Prates and Luke Picklum. The cause: Luke’s friend, Luis, took his life after a struggle with mental health. Luis’ wife, Rosa, was left in need of help for all the various burial costs and to be able to visit their family in Chili during the bereavement.

More than 6 black belts were on the mats and more than 40 people showed up to help Rosa out. The success of this seminar shows you again how our community of martial artists is strong and dedicated to each other. Thank you to everyone from all the different BJJ Schools that showed up to give much needed support to this lady! You have made a difference to her. We hope you in turn picked up some great techniques and had a good time on the mats!


Luis and Rosa

Luis and Rosa


comp training

Association Wide Competition Class- June 6th

The next addition of our Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Association wide COMPETITION CLASS. This class is an hour and a half of specific training and timed rounds just for our Adult and Kid Competitors that rotates through our different Sydney Branches. The Triple Bull BJJ Open– Stage 2 is the next weekend, June 13th, so be sure to get this training in with the whole crew to sharpen up for the comp before hand!

We will be at Gracie Bankstown Sat, June 6th from 4- 5:30pm.  Get after it Gracie Humaita Comp TEAM!

comp training







2015 IBJJF Worlds Watching Party

Who wants to watching the action at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation WORLDS next weekend?!? This is the biggest and best on the planet for Jiu Jitsu with action all day long. Sunday, May 30th is the Brown and Black belt divisions and on Saturday, May 29th our own Mary MOO Wildner will be competing! Comment on the Gracie Humaita Oceania Facebook page or let us know next time you come in if you are interested!


Wrestling Class is growing!

Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)’s new Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Class with Coach Fabi is off to a great start! Take a look at some of the action from last night below. Not only does this class give you more options for your takedowns and BJJ but it’s also great cardio conditioning.

You can catch this class every Thursday from 7-8pm on Mat 2.


fundamentals group

FUNdamentals Classes

Fundamentals Class has really been pumping lately! Don’t know where to start in the martial arts? Want functional self defense you can apply quickly? Come in to Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for a Free Intro with one of our instructors and a trial of our Fundamentals Class. This class is especially for beginners and involves a basic movement warm up, drills, self defense from standing and the ground and the basic techniques of the original Gracie Jiu Jitsu straight from Helio Gracie and Royler Gracie to you. This class does not involve any hard sparring and is the best way to get a solid comfortable start to learning Jiu Jitsu.

This class is three times a week- Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm and Wednesdays 7-8pm. It covers the basic syllabus and give you all you will need to test for your blue belt in Jiu Jitsu.

To learn more about the class HERE.

fundamentals group


Sydney Winter Cup

Great work by all Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Adults and Kids at the Sydney Winter Cup this past weekend. In particular, our regular little competitors showed up to force represent and did not disappoint. There were some first time golds for our competitors and an overall improvement in game. We saw some of the best Kids and Teens matches we’ve seen in a while and both the Kids and Women’s divisions put our team on the podium again.

The next comp is the Second Edition of the Triple Bull Open Sunday, June 14th. Details HERE. Stay tuned for our next Association wide Comp Training Class to prepare for this one. OSS.



Highlight video: Gracie Kids Comp

Here’s a recap of highlights from our Gracie Kids Internal Competition Autumn, 2015 in support of Suicide Prevention Australia at the Randwick Racecourse this past weekend. Kids and teens from all of our branches came show their skill, gain some experience and enjoy the team camaraderie. Well done to all our competitors and a big thank you to all of our supporting staff who made this a smooth and fun competition!

If you are a Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Parent, be sure to join our Facebook group for exclusive pics and video, and to keep up to date with all our Kids Program events.