Gracie Girls at Bankstown

Another great  Gracie Girls gathering!

This time at Gracie Humaita in Bankstown with lots of fun, learns and rolls.

Great turn out! Girls from different gyms are becoming a really big family with strong bonds.

Many thanks to Sami for the class, support and delicious feast!

Next meeting @ Gracie Balmain on the 14th of July.




South Sydney Rabbitohs trains at our headquarters in Alexandria 

Gracie Humaita Coach and South Sydney tackle coach Alex Prates trains the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Gracie Sydney Academy. Very hard and solid training session take places here and we couldn’t be prouder . South Sydney is doing great this season, being on 3rd Place in the NRL ladder after registering a fifth consecutive win on Friday against the Sharks. The Rabbitohs appear almost guaranteed of a final berth and we described by the NRL legend Andrew Johns as “the real deal” during live commentary. We are really proud and happy to host the team in our Academy and we wish good luck for the rest of season. #gothebunnies #gorabbitohs

How a UFC Champion Can Help a Footy Player into His Football Career?

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Rookie NSW No.9 Damien Cook is tipped to breathe new life into the Blues ruck play after personal wrestling sessions with Rob ‘The Reaper’ Whittaker helped power him into the Origin arena.

Cook’s speed as a former champion beach sprinter has caught the collective eye of the rugby league world this season, but it’s the extra starch in his defence that got him across the line as hooker for next Wednesday’s series opener at the MCG.

Targeting an 80-minute role at the Rabbitohs in the pre-season but knowing his 88-kilo frame would have opposition forwards sizing him up as cannon fodder, Cook sought out South Sydney’s wrestling and Gracie Humaita Australia coach Alex Prates for extra work over the summer.

Also on Prates’ roll call at the Gracie Sydney Jiu Jitsu, Alexandria gym is current middleweight UFC champ Whittaker, who also doubles as a diehard Rabbitohs fan.

Which meant Cook was tussling on the mat with the real deal soon enough.

“I thought (Whittaker) wasn’t going to be there but when I turned up he was wrestling with all the young kids as well,” Cook said.

“He understands what he’s been through to get to where he is, but it was interesting to roll around and wrestle with a UFC champ.

“There were a couple of games where it was a ‘king of the middle’ sort of thing. If you won, you stayed on.

“Not that I went any good against him, I didn’t beat him. He had it over most of the boys… I thought it was going to be like wrestling sessions for footy, but it was more the jujitsu style of session.

“It’s very hard and credit to those boys who do that sport and get in to the ring.”

Whittaker squares up for his first title defence against Cuban Yoel Romero next Sunday in Chicago, while four days earlier Cook will stare down a Queensland pack featuring man mountains Dylan Napa (113 kilos), Josh Papalii (112) and Coen Hess (110).

All year Cook has been picked out by rival NRL forward packs, to the tune of 510 tackles – more than any other player in the Telstra premiership – at 42.5 a game.

That workload bodes well considering Blues predecessor Nathan Peats, as honest a toiler in the middle as they come, churned through a series high 150 tackles last year.

Cook’s point of difference in the middle is his running around the ruck, but long before claiming the NSW No.9 jumper, the 26-year-old identified his work without the ball as the key to an 80-minute performance.

One he’s happy to replicate if needed by coach Brad Fittler, given bench utility Tyrone Peachey can cover backline and back-row positions as well as the hooking duties.

“I like to keep improving all parts of my game and defence was a big one of mine,” Cook said.

“Being in the middle and getting a lot of traffic, if I did want to improve my game and play the 80 minutes I needed to make sure my defence was improved from the past.

“Those extra little wrestling sessions, I can say they’re paying off.

“Obviously it’s a different game when you hear from all the past players. I guess I won’t understand that until I actually play.

“I know it’s different at club level but I have been playing the 80 minutes all year, so if that’s what I’ve got to do, I’m more than happy to do that job.

“We haven’t really spoken about that yet.”

Kids Grading at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Alexandria

Great day at Gracie Humaita Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), we had over 50 Kids graduating. It was great to see that our legendary Kids Program is delivering awesome results and all our students did really well during the exam.

The Gracie Humaita Kids Grading happens twice a year and it is based on the techniques that are taught through the year by our coaches at the Academy. The kids eligible for Grading are chosen by their performance in class, attendance and attitude towards their coaches and family.

Jiu Jitsu is a great form to educate our youth, and it can help kids to stand up against bullies.

Congratulations to all new graduates, coaches and instructors.

BJJ Seminar 2018 – Master Sergio Penha

Awesome Seminar with 8th Degree Red and White Coral Belt Master Sergio Penha.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and techniques, we are very honor to have a true legend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in our academy.

We thank you immensely for the presence and participation of all throughout this day.

8th Degree Red and White Belt Sergio Penha Doing Seminars Across Sydney

Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Sergio Penha is in Australia for the first time and shared his years of knowledge with the students at Gracie Central Coast yesterday. 

Sergio Penha is one of the very few 8th-degree red and white coral belts in the world- A rank that can only be obtained after having a black belt for more than thirty eight  years! 

Penha is famous for going straight from purple to black belt and giving Rickson Gracie one the most difficult matches of his career. Penha has also taught countless mixed martial arts fighters including, Kazushi Sakuraba, Stephan Bonnar and Frank Mir. 

Simply being in the presence of Penha it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded in the jiu-jitsu world. Penha holds a wealth of information and this was on full display during his seminar at Gracie Central Coast. 

Penha comes from the ‘old school’ style of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the techniques he showed were simple to follow yet highly effective. This means that no matter your ability level, you will be able to effectively implement the techniques shown by Penha into your game. As is the case with all techniques, the devil is in the detail, Penha effectively conveyed this to all the students in attendance. 

One of the great things about learning from legends such as Penha is not only the techniques shown, but the philosophy and hard work that underpins it all. Penha spoke of the discipline that it took to get to the level he is today, often spending nine hours a day on the mat. For Penha, his love of jiu-jitsu he admitted is obsessive.

Penha will be in Sydney for another week and doing seminars all around the city. We highly recommend you to attend and learn from a true legend of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. You are guaranteed to learn something that you can implement into your own game.

Next Seminar: Gracie Humaita Sydney

Date: 31/03

Time: 10am

Address: 3/576 Botany Road, Alexandria



Self Defence and Instructors Course With Master Royler Gracie

We had the last 10 days a presence of our Master and Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) leader, Royler Gracie, ministering the Self Defence Course. 

Aiming in keeping our instructors with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques philosophy and teaching skills,  all instructor or future instructor of the Gracie Academy must complete this course with excellence.

Congratulations to all participants!