IN HOUSE FITTING- Custom Mouthguards

Custom Fitted | Custom Design | Highest Professional Quality

Rhino Mouthguards, a long time Sydney local company, will be in house at Gracie Sydney BJJ to do fittings of custom mouthguards for BJJ this Tuesday, July 7th from 6-7:30pm. If you are interested in getting a custom mouthguard for BJJ training that will last you years, protect your teeth always by providing the best protection while being designed to your specifications these are the people to order from! These custom mouthguards can be used for all contact sports (not just BJJ!) including football, rugby, MMA, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. Many sports professional use these mouthguards, including Rabbitohs and NRL players, Australian MMA Fighters, and Australian BJJ Champions.

• Fitting are from 6-7:30pm, Tuesday July 7th. Reserve your spot today with Reception: (02) 8084 1978
• Cost is $190 up front. Eligible for private healthcare dental rebates (range from $135-85)
• 7-10 day turnaround, pick up at the Academy. Comes with case, lanyard, and water bottle


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Gracie Smeaton Grange- GRAND OPENING

The big opening is just around the corner! This Saturday, July 4th, all are welcome to come and visit our latest Gracie Humaita Australia Branch, located at 3/56 Topham Rd, Smeaton Grange. Enrollments will be taken from 10am on with an open mat at 11am and Brazilian BBQ to follow. Come celebrate the opening of Black Belt Professors, Marcos Nevel and Alex Prates new academy! There will be Adults Gi and No-Gi classes, and wrestling classes for both adults and kids. For all the details check out their website by clicking here.

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NEW TIMETABLE begins July 7th

New Timetable in effect at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) beginning next week, July 7th. Please review classes for both Mat 1 and Mat 2. Still the MOST classes of any BJJ academy in Australia!

The new timetable includes these changes:

Fundamentals Class is now @ 6pm every day.

-Times for evening Gracie Jiu Jitsu Beginners and Int/Advanced Gi Classes have changed slightly.

-Open Mat Friday evenings. Thursday evening Competition Class, and additional Monday Toddler’s Class added.

-New MMA Fundamentals Program on Mat 2, Thursday 7pm led by Prof. Alex Prates.
timetable 7.15





gracie tots classes

Gracie Tots- Toddlers MON/WED/FRI

Beginning in JULY- Gracie Sydney BJJ has have added an additional Gracie Tots class to our schedule by popular demand and spots are now available for our classes on Mondays from 4-4:30pm. If you are already a member please come by and let us know you would like to attend this additional class as we have limited spaces available. If you would like you toddler to try a FREE CLASS or for more information about our martial arts and self defense classes for children of all ages, you can call us at (02) 8084 1978 or click here to book online.

gracie tots classes




Gracie Kids Prizes Autumn Term

This term’s Gracie Kids Prize winners are about to be announced! For their hard work and efforts those who have acquired the most points this Autumn Term will receive-

Gracie Teens: A do or die HYPERFLY Gi, Gracie Shirt, several Gracie Mags and a set of Limited Vintage Patches.

Gracie Kids: Sky Zone trampolining vouchers, shark stunt kite, Gracie Hoodie and shirt.

Gracie Tots: Gracie Kids Shirt and an activity toy pack.

Points and prizes will reset next week! To find out more about how our kids earn points and to check out the leader board CLICK HERE.




Custom Mouthguard Fittings

Our friends at Rhino Mouthguards will be in house @ Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to do fittings for custom mouth guards TUESDAY, JULY 7th, from 6-7:30pm. These are the highest quality mouthguards on the market designed to your specifications and they are eligible for rebate through private healthcare. Please call Reception to book a fitting: 02 8084 1978

To check out more examples of their fine work for combat and contact sports for both kids and adults visit their Facebook Page here.


Gracie Kids Autumn Grading

Congratulations to all our Gracie Kids who graded this weekend at Gracie Sydney Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). They all showed their skills to earn their next belt and level up! This was also the first time we have students from our Gracie Tots- Toddlers class grading for a belt. We were very impressed with their concentration and listening skills during the test. Check out some pictures from the event below and stay tuned for videos!: