Gracie Kids Spring Grading

Our next grading for our Gracie Kids is Saturday, August 9th, 10am @ Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). A list of children eligible for grading is below. 

Register at Reception by August 8th or go to to sign up online. 

For Grading requirements please refer to the Gracie Kids Grading Syllabus

Grey/White Belt:

Khava B.

Miller B.

Kobi S.

Conner C.

Sean C.

Dylan C.

Gregory D.

Nicholas S.

Denna K.

Kiarra F.

James M.

Stephanie M.

Luke V.

Tex H.

Amelia H.

Zane Ra.

Kayden Mc.

Kye T.


Grey belt:

Beau Y.


Yellow/Black belt:

Denver C.


Orange/White belt:

Zack Y.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons with Mackenzie Dern

Gracie Humaita Black Belt champion Mackenzie Dern will be available for private lessons at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Times available are on August 28th and 29th before her seminar on Saturday, Aug 30th, from 11-1pm.  Half of these times for privates are already booked, so make sure to get in NOW. For more details and to book your spot call us at (02) 8084 1978.


Long Sleeve Rashguards are IN

Winter training time is here- get your long sleeve rashies on! We’ve got them in all belt colours and sizes. Check out the Online Store to order, or come in to Gracie Sydney. Warm training!

livingsocial deal

LAST DAY for LivingSocial FIVE Class Pass DEAL

Last day to claim your FIVE CLASS PASS to Gracie Sydney through Living Social! Now is the best time to join and here is your ticket! Come in and try out our different classes. Choose or mix and match from our different programs: Women’s Only, Self Defense, Kids, Teens, Toddlers, Adult Beginner’s BJJ, Judo, No- Gi, Wrestling. We’ve got it all for YOU. This offer is back by popular demand and now is the only time we make this offer available!  You can claim your deal HERE.






Master Royler Gracie’s Style

If you’ve ever wondered what the ‘Humaita Style’ of Gracie Jiu Jitsu is, Master Royler Gracie is the indicator. In this article Royler’s tactics and techniques are broken down through data taken from all of his matches from 1994 to present. 

Some excerpts of note: 

  • 42% of the sweeps observed were from a form of butterfly guard. (Watch free video of these techniques HERE.)
  • Royler passed the guard on average 1.6 times per a match. The next closest competitor was Gui Mendes with just 0.78 in comparison. 
  • Almost half of these Guard passes were from his signature knee through (or knee slice) style pass.
  • 88% of the submissions Royler completed were from either the back or mount position. 
  • 50% of these submissions were chokes from the back while the remaining 50% were a mix of armbars and collar chokes.

Keen for more? Want to learn these techniques right from the source? Master Royler’s seminar in Sydney is August 23rd.

To reserve your spot call us at (02) 8084 1978 or email




Hyperfly Humaita Gis back in stock!

We just received our latest shipment of Custom Humaita Do or Die- Hyperfly Premium Gis! These custom gis also come with custom carry bags and lots of nice little details. We currently we have size A2 and A3 in stock with A1 and A4 soon to follow. Come in an see why people feel they are the best gis on the market- from how they look to how they feel on you! You can also order online at the Gracie Online Store here. Oss!



kickstart final

Our Best Offer of the Year!!

We know it’s hard to keep training through winter and the best way is to have a friend to help keep you motivated. To give your friends more incentive and to help get them started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we are introducing the Gracie Kickstart program till the end of the month.

As per usual, you can bring your friends in for a free class. If they join up immediately, we will give them 5 FREE 30 min Private Lessons to help their and your progress. Come to these privates with your friend and one of our instructors to help accelerate your learning. As EXTRA motivation we are also waiving 50% OFF their joining fee and introductory gear pack (includes a Gracie Humaita Gi Uniform, T-Shirt, Rash Guard, and No-Gi Shorts)!

Please note this is a limited offer and will expire on the 31st of July and will NOT be offered again till next year.

Get after it Gracie Sydney Team and good training!


Alex Chambers on the TUF 20 cast NOW

Gracie Chatswood purple belt and professional MMA fighter, Alex Chambers, has begun filming on the set of the UFC’s TUF 20 with 15 other female fighters that are all contending for contracts with the UFC. You can learn more about Alex in these two recent interview (Here and Here) including why her fight name is ‘Astro Girl’ and projections for how things will go in the TUF house. We can’t wait to see you on the big screen and in the cage again!