Our Fundamentals Online Course is Almost Ready!

Aiming to provide more details on jiu jitsu techniques to our students, we created the Gracie Sydney Fundamentals Course. Taught by our well known coaches, Alex Prates and Owen Gee Kee, this course is simple, efficient and practical, to be watched many times, every each lesson, as it will help you a lot on a better understanding about techniques showed during classes.

Check bellow one of the classes from our Online Course:


Kron Gracie Wins in Japan

Undefeated in MMA with four bouts, Kron Gracie keeps advancing towards his goal of being a part of the sport’s elite. At the Rizin World GP on Dec. 31, the son of Rickson Gracie faced off against Tatsuya Kawajiri.

ith plenty of confidence in his guard and some good work in short-distance boxing, which he’s been honing with the Diaz brothers, Kron sought the win throughout. Eventually he got his foe’s back and used a rear naked choke to decide the fight — it was his fourth consecutive submission win.

You can watch the full fight in the video.


Saturday Classes New Schedule

Hi Everyone,

Attending many requests we have changed the time of the class on Saturdays at Alexandria. From 7th of January, the class will be at 11am to 12pm, it means no more class at 4pm. This way you can train early and rest later with family and friends.

See you on the mats,

Keep it Playful!