Saturday Classes New Schedule

Hi Everyone,

Attending many requests we have changed the time of the class on Saturdays at Alexandria. From 10th of December, the class will be from 10 to 11am, it means no more class at 4pm. This way you can train early and rest the rest of the weekend.

Keep it Playful!


End-of-year kids grading

It is that time of the year that we announce the kids who will be grading and getting their new belt.

Our instructors have carefully looked at students performance, commitment, and attendance to the class. See attached the list of eligible students for grading. The grading will be on Saturday 3rd of December, at 10am.

For grey/black and yellow/white rank the instructors will be going through positions and drills during classes on Thursdays (the 24th of November and the 1st of December at 4:00pm). For grey/white and grey the instructors will be preparing the kids for the test during the normal classes. If the kids have any questions, please ask the couches after class. 

Registrations must be done at the reception by the 2nd of December. Cost is $45.

See everyone at the Grading!a2_poster_kids_grading_dec_2016 (002)


Yoga Class at Gracie Sydney

Do you know know that we Jiu Jitsu has Yoga class on our timetable?


We do!! :)

If you are a member, you are more than welcome to attend this class!

We provide to our students, yoga class every Monday @ 8 and it can benefit you with:

  • Increased flexibility;
  • Improved balance;
  • Relaxation and breathing;
  • Learn to warm up and cool down effectively;
  • Injury prevention;

It doesn’t matter how inflexible you are, anyone can join the class; all you need is a t-shirt and shorts or Jiu Jitsu pants!