Injury Training Video

One of the great things about our Gracie Jiu Jitsu is that even if you are injured you can still modify your training and still be able to practice. At Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) we will sometimes simulate ‘injuries’ during our rolls to give students a different experience when rolling. When you take away something you are used to relying on while training it means you have to suddenly find new ways to train. Here students show several different types of ‘injury training’.

To read more about different types of training and ways to roll click here.


Australia Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix Middleweight

The next Australian Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix is set and the Black Belt competitors in the 8 man elimination event have been named. Prof. Tiago Ferreira from Gracie Central Coast will be representing Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) at the event. The matches all go down on Sunday, November 9th from 2-5pm at the UNSW Roundhouse. This is a stacked card that you won’t want to miss! They have gathered the best black belt talent in Australia at under 79kg.

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Triple Bull Open- Central Coast

One of the last local competitions for the year is the three star Triple Bull Open held on the Central Coast (Gosford City Sports Stadium, Terrigal) on October 25th. You can register for all division HERE. Remember you must also be registered with the AFBJJ before signing up for this and other BJJ competitions. These have been great local level competitions in the past that will again be handing our prizes to participants. If you are thinking of competing try to take advantage of our Competition Class and let your Instructors at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) know so we can help you have the best comp experience possible!


Royler Gracie Interview with Budo Jake

On the latest episode of Rolled Up, Budo Jake did a nice interview with Master Royler Gracie. They talk about the Gracie Diet over breakfast, review about some history while looking at mementos from Royler’s long competition career, and, of course, do some Jiu Jitsu on the mats in Royler’s garage. Have a look and pick up some nice tips and stories. Royler visited us at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) recently in August and we look forward to his next visit already!

Part 1:

In Part 2 they visit Royler’s academy- Gracie Humaita HQ in San Diego and met some of the instructors before going for lunch: