White Ribbon Day Fundraising Seminar

This past weekend, Women’s Roll Call, a community BJJ project for women and girls, held a White Ribbon Fundraiser Seminar run by Phillipa Kato and Ariadne Burkhart at Gracie Central Coast. Gracie Sydney Girls were in attendance at the event to support as were females from all over the BJJ community. The White Ribbon Campaign campaign aims to end the violence and silence about abuse towards Women in Australia through education.

Visit WhiteRibbon.org.au to learn more about their programs and resources and visit your local BJJ school to learn more about Self Defense!


Holiday Hours for December/January

Here are Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)‘s Holiday hours for the 2014-2015 Holiday Season: 


24/12 – Christmas Eve- Open from 12:30pm – 1:30pm and from 6pm – 7pm

25/12 – Christmas Day- Closed

26/12 – Boxing Day- Closed

27/12 – Saturday- Closed

28/12 – Sunday- Closed

29/12 – Monday- Open from 12:30pm – 1:30pm and from 6pm – 7pm

30/12 – Tuesday- Open at 12:30pm and at 6pm – 7pm (No Kids class)

31/12 – New Year’s Eve- Closed

01/01/15 – New Year’s Day- Closed

02/01/15 – Friday- Closed

03/01/15 – Saturday – Closed

04/01/15 – Sunday – Closed


Event Details

White Ribbon Self Defense Seminar for Girls and Women

This Sunday, November 23 at Gracie Central Coast, the local BJJ Women’s community project ‘Women’s Roll Call’ is hosting its end of year event to benefit the White Ribbon campaign. There will be an hour long self defense seminar followed by an open mat. All Women and girls are invited to train at this event from complete beginners to seasoned Jiu Jitsu practitioners. This is a wonderful opportunity to train some self defense- the very heart of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- met women in the community, and benefit a great cause that seeks to end the violence against women. You can even win one of two FREE gis at this event! Entry is a suggested donation of $20 with all profits going towards the White Ribbon Campaign. For more information on this event click here. To join in on this and other events for women in the BJJ community visit their Facebook group here.


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What’s in a Name: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu VS Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Recently a new student came in and asked me a question “Isn’t all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the same?”.  Well I guess from an outside perspective it might appear that way, but ask any practitioner if their club/academy is the same as another they should answer with a resounding “no”. The proliferation of sport BJJ clubs is at an ever increasing rate and the age old debate about whether BJJ’s self defence applications has diminished with the UFC gaining in popularity and notoriety.

But essentially, what’s the difference? From Atos, to Zenith and everything in between each academy/ association has a particular style or philosophy that a new student should assess whether it is the right one for them. All Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t equal and a quick trip to a few different academies will show you that. Even all Gracie Jiu Jitsu isn’t the same. For example Gracie Barra has more of a sport focus compared to Gracie Humaita, but Gracie Humaita uses the Jiu Jitsu that Master Helio prescribed, sport focused but also self-defence orientated. In fact few schools offer a complete self-defence curriculum and fewer still offer it the way master Helio did.

But why is self-defence so important? Everyone who comes in the door of an academy has a reason why they are there or a need that has to be fulfilled. Some want to get fit or lose weight, some want a social interaction, some want a sporting outlet and others want to learn how to defend themselves. Each is a valid reason to start a martial art or combat sport but the hidden gem in BJJ is self-defence. The confidence that it gives you to handle yourself in a given situation or altercation is not only important but can also be lifesaving. I’ve also personally seen it calm practitioners down from being quite angry individuals to the point where they will be the ones to back out of a fight. This is a huge step personally for them as they are managing their anger and also saving themselves and a potential aggressor from harm.

Understanding fight dynamics is an important tool for every practitioner, and misunderstanding this can have dire consequences as can be seen here:


So understanding what type of academy you are looking for is very important when deciding on where to train. There are plenty of people who want to be world champion, however only a few who will have the athletic ability, discipline, luck and genetic disposition to realise this dream. For the rest of us Jiu Jitsu is more than a sport. It gives us many things, like friends, confidence, and a healthy outlet that maintains our sanity. Just make sure that your academy can help you open to all of its gifts.

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spring cuptext

Spring Cup Results!

Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) rounded our the competition year with the last comp of 2014- the Spring Cup Comp this past weekend! A good number of Humaita Team competitors and supporting were on hand to help us take home 2nd in both Adult Gi and No-Gi and 3rd for the Kids. As many of our Gracie Kids competing this time were new to external competitions this was an especially good show for them taking Bronze with just 10 competitors. Well done to everyone in our team! This is a nice way to finish the competition year together and we are very proud. See you very soon in 2015 and until then… see you on the mats sharpening your games!

Don’t forget our End of Year events that are not to be missed!: Adults Seminar/BBQ and our Kids Competition/Party 

spring cuptext


GRACIE KIDS End of year Tournament and Party

Saturday, December 13th- 10am Tournament, 12pm- Party

Tournament is open to all Association Members 16 and under: Our BIGGEST event of the year for all of our Kids and Families!

Register before Thursday, Dec 11th in house at Gracie Sydney or online at: GracieKids.com.au/Comp

Our Party will begin directly after the Tournament with cake, refreshments, and gifts for all.

*Please note that Gracie Sydney children do not have to be part of the Tournament to enjoy this Party. Just come and celebrate a great year of Jiu Jitsu together!

Address: Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) 3/576 Botany Rd, Alexandria 2015


grading list initial

Gracie Sydney End of Year Grading List

Here is our initial list of  Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Student who are eligible to test for their next belt! We are still reviewing students so stay tuned for updates to this first list. This is our last Grading of the year and also part of our biggest event of the year. The Grading is followed by an Association wide seminar for all member with our Black Belts, and a Team BBQ afterwards.

The best Jiu Jitsu day of the year begins at 10am, with the Grading, then the Seminar from 11-1, and finishes up with a Team BBQ at the beach!

grading list initial

Those who are eligible to Grade make sure to:

Register with Reception. 

Review the Syllabus and Requirements here: GracieSydney.com.au/Grading

Attend and enjoy the Association Wide Seminar that follows: 11am (Charity donation for entry)

Then the Team BBQ with friends and family: 2pm, South Maroubra Beach Park (Wear a Gracie t-shirt!)




Spring Cup- Last Tournament of the year!

Registration is still open for the NSW Spring Cup! Click HERE to sign up! There will be Gi and No-Gi Division for Juniors, Juveniles, Men and Women. The action will be at Sydney Uni Aquatics Centre begining Saturday, November 15th @ 10am. This is the last BJJ tournament of the year for NSW and Australia. Even if you’re not competing this time around, you can still come support and watch all the matches with the Humaita Team and Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

If you need to apply for or renew your AFBJJ membership before registering, click here to do so through their website.

See you THERE!